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Your Swedish roots

Finding your Swedish roots

Locating your Swedish roots

Looking for a specific document or do you want help researching your swedish ancestors, perhaps looking for information as to where your inner Viking may come from?

Swedish genealogy is very rewarding as there are plenty of documents to locate that hold information about your ancestors. I can help you find the document and make a copy of the vast amout of parish books, birth, marriage or death records or estate inventories or any other document you may want to look at. I always use original sources that can be found in Arkiv Digital, SVAR. If need be I can go to or contact the relevant Regional Archive.

Maybe swedish is hard to read and you need someone to help you along with the research.

Swedish Genealogy/Heir Research

Do you want to find living relatives? This means doing research forward in time from one or several of your ancestors siblings or their parent's siblings. Swedish genealogy sometimes means going through every single person as we don't know which branch will produce someone to contact.

Also, if you are looking to contact living relatives for a family reunion, make sure to get started well ahead of time as it may take time to contact them and to plan a meating.


The question of my 3X great grandfather Swedish origins had remained a family mystery for 100 years. I approached Christina Bayne to help me with the puzzle. Christina was prompt to respond to my initial enquiry and after examining the scant information I had to recommend a way forward.

As a very experienced genealogist  Christina knows how to research various types of Swedish records and an ability  to present information in a way that is meaningful to customers with different needs. The key documents to my research were transcribed, analyzed and recommendations for consideration provided to me.

Christina welcomed questions and always provided comprehensive responses to any queries. I gained important knowledge about Swedish history, social, economic and political changes and genealogical records. This all helped me to see my ancestors history in a wider context.

Always highly professional, reliable, courteous, and enthusiastic what really impressed me was Christina's passion and individual interest in my research. Through Christina's research I was able to discover so much more about my Swedish ancestors than I had initially hoped. Christina's fees are very reasonable and I have been absolutely delighted with the investment I made in her services.

I would highly recommend Bayne Genealogical Research to anyone interested in her services.

Liz R. USA

- 2020