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Basic Genealogical Research

Looking for a specific document or want help with researching your ancestors? I can help you find the document and make a copy for you from a parish book, birth, marriage or death record or probate. I always use original sources such as Arkiv Digital, SVAR and when necessary I go to or contact the relevant Regional Archive. Maybe swedish is hard to read and you need someone to help you along with the research.

Find Swedish Relatives

Do you want to find living relatives? This is means doing research forward in time from one or several of your ancestors siblings or their parent's siblings. Sometimes it means going through every single person as we don't know which branch will produce someone to contact. Also, if you are looking to contact living relatives for a family reunion, make sure to get started well ahead of time as it may take time to contact them and to plan a meating.

Guided Genealogical Tour

Have you been thinking of taking a trip to see where your ancestor(s) lived? I can help you put together a tour of your ancestral town/village including the village church and churchyard, any buildings that remain that were of importance and any other relevant site.

Of course there are no standard tours as all emigrants come from different backgrounds and what remains can vary quite a lot.

If you would prefer to do it on your own I can put together an itinerary for you so that you can do it on your own.

I need a minimum two months to put it together for you as it takes time to find as much for you as possible to make the experience a full one.

DNA Genealogical Research

Have you been thinking of doing a DNA test or perhaps you have already done one and are waiting for the result. Do you want help analysing the result to find a missing ancestor in your tree?

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