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Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors. See the village they lived in, the church where they baptised their children, married their spouse or were buried. Do you want your own experience? Want to visit Sweden of your ancestors? How about a personalized guided tour just for you. Have a look at tours done in 2019.

Röddinge and Sövde (Skåne)

Sövde church presented a gravestone and the house of a tailor.

Röddinge presented the home of the family smith. All of it right there waiting to be discovered.

Tisselskog (Västra Götaland)

A long gone relative buried in the family grave with the gravestone there for family to gather round. This was an unguided tour where I supplied the itinerary and details.

Fagerhult (Småland)

A family home presented by the King, a family reunion, letters and photos. Another unguided tour but well planned and a Swedish family looking forward to meeting the American relatives.

Röke (Skåne)

Trailing in the footsteps of ancestors' long gone. Viewing houses where ancestors were born, where they lived and died. Current owners of those homes who took the time to tell the history of their property.

Norra Åsum and Vittskövle (Skåne)

Despite it being a rainy Saturday we got to visit Vä and walked around the churchyard, Norra Åsum and the beautiful church, Åsumtorp, a property in Vittskövle and Vittskövle village. As none of the houses still stand we went to visit Kulturen in Lund as they have preserved old crofts, cottages, houses and buildings to view and step inside for real historic experience.

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