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Family Mystery

“The question of my 3X great grandfather Swedish origins had remained a family mystery for 100 years. I approached Christina Bayne to help me with the puzzle. Christina was prompt to respond to my initial enquiry and after examining the scant information I had to recommend a way forward.

As a very experienced genealogist Christina knows how to research various types of Swedish records and an ability to present information in a way that is meaningful to customers with different needs. The key documents to my research were transcribed, analyzed and recommendations for consideration provided to me.

Christina welcomed questions and always provided comprehensive responses to any queries. I gained important knowledge about Swedish history, social, economic and political changes and genealogical records. This all helped me to see my ancestors history in a wider context.

Always highly professional, reliable, courteous, and enthusiastic what really impressed me was Christina's passion and individual interest in my research. Through Christina's research I was able to discover so much more about my Swedish ancestors than I had initially hoped. Christina's fees are very reasonable and I have been absolutely delighted with the investment I made in her services.

I would highly recommend Bayne Genealogical Research to anyone interested in her services.”

- Liz R.

Australia 2020

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Family Tree Update


Thank you for your excellent work.

You found so much more than I had ever thought possible.

Thank you!!!"

- Steven Sangesland

USA 2018

Letter to Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota


I recently took my family on a genealogy tour to Sweden to visit the towns where my great grandparents were both from. I hired a Swedish genealogist ( to help complete the research I started and she prepared the tours of the towns. It was a fabulous experience. I am wondering if you ever have presentations from people who have done a genealogy tour like this – I would be happy to come present what I did and share what I learned.

I also highly recommend Christina if someone needs help doing research. She is outstanding!



- Kelly Mark

Minnesota, USA 2018

Genealogical research to write the family chronicle

"I paid Christina Bayne to do some research for me in March 2016. I was very pleased with her work. She found a key document--from Denmark, no less--which no one else found. (Americans think that and Family Search cover all bases. Not true!) Her input was more than just combing databases and finding documents. She suggested new avenues to explore, which turned out to be quite interesting. Christina has a genuine interest, drive, and intuitive understanding of genealogy that elevates her above a robotic "search engine." I have learned that paying a professional genealogist to go the "extra mile" is worthwhile. Christina is exemplary in that regard."

- Diana Walstad,

N. Carolina, USA 2016

Ancestral Tour - Guided

"Thank you, Christina, for your passion in uncovering so much about our ancestors that we were unaware of. We can’t wait to get home and share all of our stories and pictures with our family!"

- Deb Osberg

Pennsylvania, USA 2019