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Do you want to do the research yourself?

Sometimes finding the document you want isn't easy when you are not familiar with the language or you are on your own and you don't have anyone at hand to ask. I am here to guide you through it.

With these free tutorials you can find the information about your Swedish ancestors in your own time. The videos guide you through tools such as Arkiv Digital and soon I will have a guide to Ancestry as well.

Do you want help administrating your FamilyTreeDNA account as well? . Maybe you find it difficult to know what to do with Chromosome browser, how to figure out what information you get when you do an ICW search. Let me help you with this.

Many of you wonder how you can access Swedish genealogical documents for free. Well it is possible but unless you speak Swedish it will be tricky to navigate. is the main archive holding many documents that Arkiv Digital visit to photograph all the documents that they present. You need a subscription for Arkiv Digital of course.

So far you can find guides to:

  • Arkiv Digital (subscription needed)
  • The Swedish Death Record 1860-2017 (this is a database you need to buy)

Do you have other questions that you would like a free tutorial on?

Let me know and I will make a video showing you how to do it.

Look for Bayne Genealogical Research on Youtube. Tutorials added continously.