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Heir research / Living relatives

Heir research / Living relatives

Whether you need to find living relatives to settle a matter of inheritance or you are looking to find distant family to contact this means researching forward in time.

Starting with you ancestor's closest family, siblings and parents. If they remained in Sweden we start from the siblings and work forward in time. Should they all have emigrated we can look at the parents' siblings and work forward there.

This can be a rather substantial job but naturally we will take into consideratioin your wishes as we proceed and discuss what you want to look for and what is acutally there. Sometimes a branch finishes without without living heirs and other branches branch out to many living family members.

The information is presented in a report that will be emailed to you.

No prepayment is needed.

      For more information or your order, please contact me at info[at]

      Living relatives

      Elsa and Ester
      Elsa and Ester

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