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Ancestral Tour

Ancestral tour

The Ancestral tour is tailored according to your genealogical research so that you get what is most relevant to your family history.

The Ancestral tour can include:

  • historically relevant information for you to get to know your ancestors, (only guided tours in Skåne) presented to you in person during the tour.
  • a visit to your ancestor's village and if possible house/croft/farm etc.
  • a visit to the local church so that you can walk in their footsteps.
  • a visit to other sites included in you research or other, that you find interesting.
  • museums, and local sites of interest that are relevant to your historical background.
  • visiting relatives. Prior to your arrival (please make sure to give them time to plan your visit) I can contact relatives here in Sweden and arrange a meeting. No promises can be made but in most cases they are just as happy to meet you as you are to meet them.

Guided ancestral tour is done with me as your guide driving you to the points of interest while imersing you in the local history relevant to you ancestors.

Selfguided ancestral tour is done on your own, with your own vehicle using the report prepared prior to your arrival and in your own time and leisure.

Planning the ancestral tour

The ancestral tour, guided and selfguided, is planned based on the information gained from the genealogical research done on your ancestors. To find those extra details and information specific to your ancestors such as finding maps, the location of a house or croft, grave stones and other interesting details require more time. Please contact me for more information.

Contact me at Christina[at] for information on hourly rates.

Have a look at the Ancestral tours we have gone on.

What to do on your Ancestral Tour

aerial view map


A drive around the village, perhaps viewing the croft, farm or house where they lived, or at least see the location and surroundings.

Historical map


Old maps can be of help when finding buildings that have since gone. They reveal secrets that have been forgotten.



The local church was where they went to baptise their children,  marry their loved one and to bury their dearly departed. Visit the church for a view of what they saw and experienced.