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Heritage Tours - Sweden

Heritage tours - Sweden

These tours were experienced the summer of 2019. They were selfguided which means the trip was planned prior to the customer's arrival and they received the itinerary before arriving so that we could get all the details in place well in advance. They arrived and made the trip in their own time and pace.

Ancestral tours

Tisselskog church
Fagerhult church

Tisselskog (Västra Götaland)

A long gone relative buried in the family grave with the gravestone there for family to gather round. A selfguided Ancestral tour where the trip was made following an itinerary including details to absorb when ready.

Mother and son took in the sites and drove from Stockholm, stayed in a B&B nearby the ancestral village. Old maps, the village church and pleasant surroundings set for a memorable trip.

Fagerhult (Småland)

A family home presented by the King, a family reunion, letters and photos. Another unguided tour but well planned and a Swedish family looking forward to meeting the American relatives.

The American family was welcomed into the ancestral home, greeted by Swedish relatives and two days turned into three. The Swedish roots were thouroughly investigated and another memorable Ancestral tour came to an end.