Bayne Genealogical Research
Find Swedish Relatives

Find Swedish Relatives

Turning from the past to the now, and perhaps looking forward to visiting Sweden. Maybe you want to get in touch with Swedish relatives.

Finding Swedish Relatives Report:

  • The report (.pdf) includes your Swedish relatives in a single tree format showing them in relation to you. The search is based on one of your emigrated ancestors. (Check in with me if you have two or more relatives you want me to look into),
  • and it includes addresses to contact them.

The primary contact with living relatives is usually done with a letter. This way they get to imerse themselves in your information, take in what you already know and think things over. Not everybody is familiar with ancestors further back than their grandparents, so looking through the tree and recognising parents, siblings, cousins and aunts and uncles may take som time to work through. Usually this wakens the curiosity and they get in touch.

Writing the letter, what to think of:

  • do not include too much or too little. Try to keep it informative. You can always tell them more later,
  • include information about yourself that is relevant to this context,
  • include a small family tree (see report above) starting with your emgrated ancestor, you and the persons you are contacting,
  • your contact info: name, address and email.

I can translate it for you or write it for you so that all you have to do is add your personal part of the letter.

    Contact me at Christina[at] for information on the packages.

    Have a look at the Ancestral tours we have done so far.

    Meeting Swedish Relatives


    Personal contact

    Once you have gotten in contact, you may not be the only one with questions, they may also have questions for you.

    aerial view map

    What do you want out of it?

    Just to meet them, answers to your questions or to verify family stories.

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    Tour Guide Report

    The tour guide is the document covering your specific genealogical tour.

    Guide (pdf)

    20 hours work

    Estimated time: 1 month


    deposit: SEK3250

    balance: SEK3250

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    The ancestral tour is planned based on the information I collect from the genealogical research I do on your ancestors. To find those extra details and the information specific to your ancestors such as finding maps, the location of a house or croft, grave stones and other interesting details.

    Please note that I don't book hotels, cars or anything else outside of the genealogical research, this has to be done by the traveller him/herself.

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    Guided tour / day

    We drive to your point(s) of interest and I guide you around explaining your ancestors history in the context of the history of Skåne.

    (Only offered in Skåne)


    1 day (9am-17pm)

    Swedish lunch

    (1-3 participants)


    deposit: SEK6500/1 day

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    Guided Tour

    This booking is for 1 (one) day, if you want multiple days, please contact me for more information.

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    Find Swedish Relatives

    Before you arrive you can let me find relatives that you can contact and meet when you are in Sweden.

    Report (pdf)

    20 hours work

    Estimated time: 1 month

    SEK6500 / person

    deposit: SEK3250

    balance: SEK3250

    Bayne Genealogical Research

    Finding your Swedish relatives can be quite exciting. Let me help you. I start with the person you are related to and go on to find siblings who stayed in Sweden and search forward from there to your relatives today.

    Half price for second person search.

    In addition you can have me send out a letter to contact them. Printing, paper and postage 50SEK / letter.