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DNA Research - being updated, more information to come

Have you been wondering about that mystery ancestor you can't find or do you want to know more about your Swedish heritage? Sometimes finding a Swedish ancestor in Sweden using his emigrant name can be close to impossible as his foreign name may have been altered so much we don't know what he was called in Sweden before emigrating, or his name was so common it is impossible to sort him out from the rest.

When this is the case, a DNA-test can be the next step to help identify your ancestor. As a Professional Genealogist with experience in both traditional genealogical research as well as DNA research based on a DNA-test I can help you interpret your results as well as work out any mysteries you may be faced with. To better understand the basics of a DNA-test

On the right are the following companies supplying DNA-tests for genealogical purposes to find living relatives. There are others as well but FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritage are the ones I usually use when working. I am not sponsered by them but like the usability and tools that they provide. But primarily if you want to connect with Swedish relatives or find a missing Swedish ancestor you need to go where they can be found, they offer this.

For more information on DNA Research, please contact me at christina[at]

Primarily for those of you looking for American matches and want to demystify an American ancestor. Not enough Swedish matches and few have family trees that can be of use.

If you are of European, or specifically Swedish, heritage and you want to find matches that will help you find out more about your Swedish ancestry.

This is also a good site to look for European or Swedish matches.

Pros and Cons of Analysing  your DNA-test

You will need a Family Tree

Because the Family Tree will be used as a reference, to help sort what we do know from what we don't know. The further back the Family tree goes the better. If you don't have a tree I can make it for you or if you have one I can go through it for you to make sure we are pointed in the right direction.

Can you promise to find who I am looking for?

I am afraid I cannot promise you we will find who you are looking for because there are several factors that need to come togehter.

When you receive the result of you DNA-test you will have a list of matches, other people who have done a DNA-test as well. With the help of their Family Trees we can connect you to those who are known and with that we can eliminate them. By eliminating them we see who is not identifiable, possibly someone pointing us in the direction of your unknown/missing/hard to find relative.

So why should I do this?

If we don't try we won't know.

Even if we can't find him/her now every day new matches are added to your list and this may be what is needed to find whoever you are looking for.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Check tree


To get started I need to look at the Swedish line in your tree. I can start from the person(s) in your tree born in Sweden.

Time needed.


(born in Sweden)

deposit: SEK2500/person

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Family Tree

Ordering this research gets you started on your way to finding your lost/unkown relative.

For analysis of your tree order please order an Analysis package.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Check tree


If you have researched your tree, but aren't sure if it is correct. I will check your findings and correct what is needed.

15 hours work


deposit: SEK3500

balance: SEK3500

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Checking Tree

I will reveiew the people in your tree who are of Swedish heritage and provide a report of the findings.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Analysis S

From your DNA-test, based on your family tree I will analyse and identify what I can. A report will be written on what is found and what is not found.

15-20 hours

Est. time: 2-4 weeks


deposit: SEK3750

balance: SEK3750

Bayne Genealogical Research

Patronymic naming

In Sweden the patronymic naming convention was used, a name derived from the name of a father or in some cases the mother, typically by the addition of a prefix or suffix, e.g., Johnsson, Andersdotter.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Analysis L

Starting as Analysis S but

with an additional possibility of extending the analysis in intervals as new matches are added.

15-20 hours followed by repeats of 5 hours.

Can be repeated 5 times.

Est. time: 2-4 weeks, with repeats every 6 months.

SEK7500 (3000/repeat)

deposit: SEK3750

deposit for repeat: SEK3000

balance: SEK000

Bayne Genealogical Research

Analysis L

The first analysis may take you far but not all the way. If more matches are needed or the are too distant waiting for a closer match may give you the answers you are looking for.