Bayne Genealogical Research

Getting started...

  1. Start by ordering the 'Start up package'. I will get back to you with a form for you to fill in. I will do my best to find your ancestor(s) but not everyone wants to be found. I have a really good finding rate, but there are no guarantees.
    This fee is not refundable.
  2. Once I have found your relative(s) I will contact you and we can discuss how you want to proceed and the time frame. When you commission the work by making the deposit.
  3. I conduct the research, obtaining necessary documents like birth records, parish records etc. I will keep you updated at roughly weekly intervals during the research. I will get back to you in the event that the research is hindered for any reason, sometimes books have burned.
  4. When the research is complete, I will finish the report and send some documents to you to check. I will then put together the full report.
  5. The balance is due just before the project is posted. It will be emailed to you along with the copies of the documents.

Please contact me if you have any questions about a package or if you wish to customize it in any way.


Research services

Göteborg's poorhouse Parish
Göteborg's poorhouse Parish
Everöd Parish
Everöd Parish
Karlskrona town Parish
Karlskrona town Parish
Bayne Genealogical Research

Start up research

To get started we need to find your ancestor(s).

I need information from you about your ancestor(s).


deposit: SEK650

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Start up fee

Ordering the form and paying, only initates the search for your ancestor, it does not commit you to further research.

For further research you will need to order one of the packages or the Tour Guide Report.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Checking tree

If you have researched your tree online, but aren't sure if it is correct, I can check your findings and give you suggestions that might be beneficial to pursue.

10 hours work


deposit: SEK3500

balance: SEK3500

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Checking Tree

I will reveiew the people in your tree who are of Swedish heritage and provide a report of the findings.

Bayne Genealogical Research

One branch research

1 surname (to late 1700s or early 1800s)

Digital Research Report

20 hours work

Estimated time: 4 weeks


deposit: SEK5250

balance: SEK5250

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

Patronymic naming

In Sweden the patronymic naming convention was used, a name derived from the name of a father or in some cases the mother, typically by the addition of a prefix or suffix, e.g., Johnsson, Andersdotter.

Bayne Genealogical Research

One person search

1 person from birth to emigration (or death if it occured in Sweden).

Digital Research Report

10 hours work

Estimated time: 2 weeks


deposit: SEK3250

balance: SEK3250

Not refundable.

Bayne Genealogical Research

One person

You have one ancestor who was born in Sweden and now you want to know more about his/her life in Sweden, before emigrating.

Family Tree Research Packages

The Family History Research Packages include:

  • Family tree research report presenting the findings that include: information on each ancestor researched such as where and when they were born, married and died and family tree charts.
  • The research is presented in a digital report (.pdf) detailing the research process, including the sources used and methodology worked by, the proof that the people researched are your ancestors.
  • Transcripts and copies of the sources used, including birth records, parish records etc.
  • Glossary of genealogy and swedish historic terms explained.
  • You are welcome to include details about your immediate family and photographs.

The main goal is to trace back over 200 years, to the late 1700s or early 1800s. If possible, there is an option to go even further, depending on surviving records, (additional fees apply, contact me for more information).

The report is presentet in pdf-format but can be made into a hard cover book. Please contact me for more information.

Genealogical research to write the family chronicle

"I paid Christina Bayne to do some research for me in March 2016. I was very pleased with her work. She found a key document--from Denmark, no less--which no one else found. (Americans think that and Family Search cover all bases. Not true!) Her input was more than just combing databases and finding documents. She suggested new avenues to explore, which turned out to be quite interesting. Christina has a genuine interest, drive, and intuitive understanding of genealogy that elevates her above a robotic "search engine." I have learned that paying a professional genealogist to go the "extra mile" is worthwhile. Christina is exemplary in that regard."

- Diana Walstad, USA 2016