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About Christina

I enjoy helping people research their family history

My Family. . .

For the past 25 years I have researched my father's side of the family in Ireland, England, Scotland and Germany and my mother's side of the family in Sweden, Denmark, Tahiti and Argentine. I have been able to get to know relatives long gone through birth records, foster care documents, personal letters, parish records, probates, maps and photos and by talking to and meeting distant relatives of mine.

The vast amount of information that can be found when doing ancestral research in Sweden lets you walk with them through life and meet the person who lived it.

Your Family. . .

I have also had the opportunity to help customers all over the world research their Swedish ancestors, locating them in Sweden and following their movements until they decide to emigrate to America. The research many times shows the reason for emigrating.

Sometimes a family reunion can bring forward even more information and knowledge about those long gone.

. . . and DNA. . .

Sometimes the mystery of who you are cannot be found in your family tree through paper research. You may have to accept help from your genes. Doing a DNA-test can be a bit nervwracking but if you are looking for the truth that is where you will find it.

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