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Genealogical research to write the family chronicle

"I paid Christina Bayne to do some research for me in March 2016. I was very pleased with her work. She found a key document--from Denmark, no less--which no one else found. (Americans think that Ancestry.com and Family Search cover all bases. Not true!) Her input was more than just combing databases and finding documents. She suggested new avenues to explore, which turned out to be quite interesting. Christina has a genuine interest, drive, and intuitive understanding of genealogy that elevates her above a robotic "search engine." I have learned that paying a professional genealogist to go the "extra mile" is worthwhile. Christina is exemplary in that regard." 
 - Diana Walstad, USA 2016

Guided tour of Röddinge and Sövde in eastern Skåne

"I highly recommend working with Bayne Genealogical Research! I hired Christina to do some research and to plan a tour of the towns where my family was from in southern Sweden. We communicated via email as I am in the US, and email response was prompt and clear. Her research was outstanding. Not only did she provide accurate information, she described the context and color of the time period we were discussing.
For the actual tour, we agreed on a meeting time and place. She had arranged a private museum tour to accommodate my travel dates. She had visited the towns ahead of time so she knew exactly where to take us. The amazing thing is she prepared a Swedish picnic lunch for us since we were in an area without a lot of restaurant options. The lunch was my kids favorite part!
At the end of the tour, Christina provided me a portfolio of where we visited, including pictures and maps.
This was a top-notch experience and over exceeded all my expectations."

 - Kelly Mark, Minnesota 2019

Previous work...

Anna Laestadius Larsson


Kurtisanen - The Courtesan

Anna Laestadius Larsson's fourth book in the trilogy The Child Bride (Barnbruden), The Chamber pot bastard (Pottungen) and The She fox (Räfhonan).

Telling the story of life around Gustaf III, the Swedish King (1771-1792) out of the perspective of people within his court.


Hilma af Klint

The enigma Hilma af Klint as seen through the eyes of Anna Laestadius Larsson.


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