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Autumn is here...

It is definitely getting colder here, the wind is blowing, rain beating on our windows and the cold is creeping closer. It is time to stay in and work on the family tree, perhaps have a look at what my matches list can tell me about my as of yet unkown relatives.

Curl up in a cosy corner and delve into the family stories, photographs and relatives that we never got to meet in life but will get to know in death. They are ready to sit down with you and tell their story.

Welcome to Sweden!

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Genealogical Research

If you have any questioins or would like a customized package contact me at christina[a]

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Ancestral Tour

Get your guide and decide if you want to meet your Swedish relatives. Make sure to plan your visit well in advance, at minimum six months, as those you may want to contact and meet will need some time to plan to Welcome you home.

DNA Research

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DNA Research

DNA research takes time and may not always give you the answers you would like straight away so patience is required. But it will most likely point you in the right direction. Contact me so we can discuss the possibilies for you.

Sweden in the 1840s. Life is hard for many. The poor farmers in Småland try to get as much as possible out of their meager soil, but when it becomes overgrown and a harsh winter, famine is near. In Ljuder parish, Karl Oskar, Kristina, Robert, Arvid, Ulrika and many others dream of a better life, without hunger and the oppression of the authorities. Karl Oskar and his brother Robert turn out to have the same idea: to emigrate to America. The long and arduous journey across the
Atlantic begins, towards a brighter future."

The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg