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Do you have Swedish heritage and want to know more about your ancestry and the Swedish branch of your family. I am here to help you with your genealogical queries or solve your DNA mystery, 
research your Swedish ancestors, locate living relatives or plan an Ancestral tour. Here you will find the knowledge, the resources, the tools and the time. For more information contact med at info[at]

Ancestry Sweden
Ancestry Sweden
Blog: Your Swedish Genealogist
Tutorials on Youtube
Tutorials on Youtube

Genealogical Research in Sweden

Ancestral charts


Heir research

DNA research

Ancestral tour


Your Swedish roots

Sweden - places of interest found in each provinces.

Your Swedish Genealogist

A little bit about me.

Historical books

Swedish history, recommended reading.

Ancestral tours of 2019

Have a look at some of tours we did in the summer of 2019.


I am Christina, your Swedish Genealogist and researcher here in Sweden. If you want someone to help you plan your Ancestral tour I can advise and guide you to a memorable trip and visit to the village of your ancestors.

 Imagine walking in their footsteps, seeing what they saw and getting to know them a little bit better. Looking forward to working with you.

Christina, Sweden

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